step 1

When you order a HOROSCOPE, I'll need your birth year, date, exact time and place. It's written on your birth certificate or you can contact: for information. 

A HOROSCOPE for a company or a network:  The official date of registration/CVR.

Please email your data, questions that you might have, how  you want to meet - and book the SERVICE

step 2

Before we meet I'll analyze your HOROSCOPE and focus on the questions that you might have.

I'll use my knowledge of astrology and my life long experience as a business consultant.  

I'll prepare a mindblowing and  down-to-earth counsultation in a language that you are familiar with. No mumbo jumbo unless your are curious about the astrological framework and want to learn the language!

step 3

We'll meet in my office North of Copenhagen or via ZOOM. I'll garantee you a 100% confidential and unique session.

If you like, you can record our session for future use. If we meet online, I'll send you a video-recording of our session. 

Oftenly questions arise after a HOROSCOPE session. Please feel free to contact me or consider a follow up session. I am looking forward to seeing you!