Business Astrology & Leadership Consulting

I combine Business Astrology & Leadership Counselling - and I'll tell you why:

We are often urged to change our mental models and "think out of the box" in order to navigate ourselves and our businesses wisely into the landscape of tomorrow. 

But it is hard to break old habits and create a new perspective on our own. 

As a experienced leadership consultant I use a range of different theories,  tools and approaches in order to help you and your business find solutions through insights.  Using Business Astrology as a venture point for developing the full potential of your business is one of them.   

3 reasons why you need a business astrologer 

it' s radical...

Radical problem solving is all about a conscious choice: Stop searching among the branches for what appears in the roots. As a blueprint of a character, astrology is all about the roots!

it's unique

The blend of business consulting and astrology is a 100% unique framework, which sheds light on your blind spots, strengths, possibilities - and points to a clear path forwards. 

It works!

My clients have warmly endorsed their blueprint-sessions with me. They don't all believe in astrology, but they acknowledge from experience that it is working! 

What is Business Astrology? 

Everything is born at a certain time in a certain place. A good wine, a rare flower, a human being - or a company. They all carry the quality of that specific moment within. 

A horoscope is a blueprint of that basic character: The strengths, values, challenges, intentions and dynamics. 

When I map that horoscope,  I unfold it's story and potential for you within the context of your business and your work-life. Your unique horoscope becomes the starting point of our work together!

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