Looking for a Professional Business Astrologer?


I founded Cosmic Node Astrology in 2020 after a long career within the field of business consulting, professional training and leadership development.

I have been self-employed since 2011 at: www.pernilleboge.dk 

Primarily I have facilitated strategic and cultural change processes, and team/ leadership development in private companies and the public sector. 

My substantial teaching experience covers the fields:

  • Innovation
  • Change management
  • Cultural transformation
  • Personal leadership


Business Astrology

Astrology is an intuitive, symbolic language, that so many have an opinion on, but very few master to speak.

Initially, my interest in astrology was fuelled by pure curiosity, but my passion for it as an alternative language of questioning and understanding grew parallel with my university studies in philosophy, history and psychology, that also investigate the biggest questions, we as humans ask ourselves. 

In my adult life, astrology has become an unmeasured means to deeply understand and navigate through times of existential crises.

In 2016 I started a 3 year study with my personal mentor, Claus Houlberg, to become a licensed astrologer. Since then I have consistently incorporated an astrological perspective into my counselling of others both in regards to business and career development, as in questions of personal and existential growth.


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2016 - 2019

Diploma Astrologer, ASAK Copenhagen

2018 - 2019

Growth Edge Coach, Cultivating Leadership

2012 - 2014

ID Mentor, ID Academy

2006 - 2010

Certifications: MBTI, Team Compass, Garuda, Human Developer

2006 - 2008

ID Coach, ID Academy


Graduate Teacher Training Certificate

1988 - 1995

MA: Social Science, History and Communication, Roskilde University

I'm Good At...

Thinking out of the box

Getting to the core

Integrating perspectives

Finding creative solutions

About my clients...

Information overload, stress or tiredness is common. At the same time we are deeply motivated to rethink the whole game of worklife, business and leadership. 

I work with people, who want a brighter future and meaning in their daily life. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Business executives or leaders who have an urge to break through old patterns and find new ways of leading their companies 
  • Organizations who want to create more thriving, creative and productive teams or culture or refine their business strategy
  • Professionals in the middle of a career who seek clarity and a new path forward

How to work with me:

step 1

When you order a HOROSCOPE, I'll need your birth year, date, exact time and place. It's written on your birth certificate or you can contact: www.sa.dk for information. 

A HOROSCOPE for a company or a network:  The official date of registration/CVR.

Please email your data, questions that you might have, how  you want to meet - and book the SERVICE

step 2

Before we meet I'll analyze your HOROSCOPE and focus on the questions that you might have.

I'll use my knowledge of astrology and my life long experience as a business consultant.  

I'll prepare a mindblowing and  down-to-earth counsultation in a language that you are familiar with. No mumbo jumbo unless your are curious about the astrological framework and want to learn the language!

step 3

We'll meet in my office North of Copenhagen or via ZOOM. I'll garantee you a 100% confidential and unique session.

If you like, you can record our session for future use. If we meet online, I'll send you a video-recording of our session. 

Oftenly questions arise after a HOROSCOPE session. Please feel free to contact me or consider a follow up session. I am looking forward to seeing you!

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