Personal Horoscope

What is it? 
A Personal Horoscope is a half an hour session about your unique blueprint as a person. 

What do you get?
I provide you with a deep insight into your personal profile, your story, your relationships and your purpose. I pinpoint challenges, opportunities, and describe the current phases of the your life: What is really going on - and how can you deal with it? 

How do we work?

I offer Personal Horoscopes via ZOOM. Please email me the data of your exact birth time/place - look at your birth certificate or please contact: for information.


If you please, I'll send you a video recording of the session. 

Further questions? 

Please feel free to contact me or look at: How to work with me.

DKK: 2.800; / 3.200,-

  • Personal Horoscope
  • Online via ZOOM
  • ½ hour follow up
  • Recording: Video

Secure Payment.